Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday Series- Life Lately and a few links

This week has been pretty hectic, I've moved from Derby to Nottingham (and come back for the weekend to work) and started my college course. I started on Wednesday and the first few days were a killer, in a good way if that's at all possible, there's nothing quite like being thrown in at the deep end and trying to swim. As much as I've been loving it it's also very tiring so after I've got home, showered and cooked my dinner, all I want to do is sit down with a cuppa and watch Emmerdale (I'm getting addicted to the soaps nowadays) so all social media has taken a backseat this week. I also don't have the internet on my laptop during the week so I've queued up a few posts for you guys to read this week and I'll be writing more next weekend, I will be checking up on this blog from my phone though so if anyone comments or has any questions for me I'll do my best to get back to you. This is how it will be for a while as I'm going to either be at college or working seven days a week from now on but I will do my best to keep my little blog going as smoothly as possible! 

I'll leave you with a few links to posts that I've loved reading this week and let me know what you've been up to this week, have you been a busy bee too?

Dana at the Wonder Forest has put together a step by step guide to creating a great header for your blog, It's extremely useful and i'll definitely be keeping her tips in mind if I make a new one for this little blog.

I've really been loving Nspa's range of products lately, especially their melting cleanser and the skin renewal gel, they've really been helping my skin in this cold weather that's suddenly come about. I feel a few reviews coming on.

One of my favourite blogs to read is Copper Garden by Jess, She has such great personal style and she also has some lovely guest bloggers at the moment, Take a look, here.

I've decided that I need to start saving up so that I can one day own a pair of Louboutins, So of course I've spent hours looking through their online shop and playing about with their search function, My favourites at the moment are these So Kate Glitter Mini pumps (How pretty!) but I also love some others like these, these and of course these. Take a look, I promise you'll be there for hours!

Have you got any recomendations for me this week?

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