Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Finally found the perfect pair of denim short-shorts.

I'm not the biggest fan of shorts, I'm more of a jeans/skirt kind of girl but I've always had my heart set on finding the perfect pair of denim shorts and every year I search and every year I fail, until this year. I'm what you would politely call slightly pear shaped but with how often I got shouted at in ballet to tuck my bum in even though it is already tucked as far as it will go I think slightly is an understatement which means that getting an item of clothing to fit my waist and my bum at the same time is difficult and choices have to be made. Normally I choose to emphasize the waist which is why I tend to avoid shorts as it means too much is on show at the back but this time I decided to choose legs and it was for the best.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I can never resist a great pair of heels.

And that's the truth, I'm a sucker for shoes, for everything else I can be a bit practical, I can use the same handbag everyday, buy the same jeans in every colour, always have some kind of plain black leather jacket but when it comes to shoes I can't resist a pretty pair, especially when the pair is both pretty and on sale and this year the sales have been very good to me, I'll post more of my bargains soon.