Friday, 24 May 2013

Beauty Staples - Clinique High Impact Mascara - The Review

It's not very often that I repurchase an item, especially when It's quite expensive so when I'm on my third tube of the stuff, that's when you know that I love it. The 'stuff' in question is Clinique high Impact Mascara and I do in fact have quite a lot of love for it. 

How it looks.
The way that I see Clinique as a brand is basically that they give you products that work without any gimmicks and without any fuss, so the packaging is usually a little bit on the simple side. Case in point: Grey tube, silver lid, bit of silver writing so nothing exciting there, It did come in a nice floral box but once that's gone it's just a normal tube of mascara. So there isn't really a lot to write about packaging wise, which is fine because in all honesty I think most of us would rather have a product that works and has boring packaging than one that looks so pretty but doesn't do it's job. It also has a pretty bog standard brush, made of bristles, normal kind of length, you know how it is and I have to say there is something refreshing about using a mascara where you don't have to figure out how it works first, what the little sticky out bit does or why they even expect that your going to want to put something that scary looking close to your eye. There's none of that with this brush: it's very easy to use, the bristles mean you can really work it in to your lashes and it separates my lashes instead of sticking them together the way most volumising mascara's do, I'm still waiting for a lot of makeup brands to realise that a clump doesn't count as volume.

Does it work?
In a word, Yes, But that isn't enough for a review so I'll say a bit more. When It comes to my everyday makeup, I've started to favour products that I know are going to work for me every time whether I have thirty seconds to sort out my face or thirty minutes, over products that only look good if put it on a certain way in a certain amount of time because I generally just don't have the time for that in a morning, basically If I can put it on whilst I'm on the bus and still look decent then I'm a happy woman. This mascara is one of those products that I can use without any kind of fear of it not going right and It gives me both volume and length in one coat. As you can see from the pictures below I do have quite long lashes however they are very pale and very fine so I like to wear mascara most days just to stop my lashes from looking like they have disappeared completely. With one coat of high impact my lashes are both volumised and lengthened whilst still looking quite natural. A second coat adds more volume however my lashes do still look a little spindly but I've never found a mascara that can counteract this and I think this is just down to me having fine lashes, If you have thicker lashes than mine then two coats will more than likely make your lashes look amazing. 

From L to R - No Mascara | With one coat of High Impact | With two coats of High Impact
(Also I'm not wearing any eyeliner with it as it may seem in the photo, I tried out benefit they're real before I took the photo's and I couldn't get the last little bit off for the life of me, there won't be a review of that at any point, it's just not for me)

Anything Else?
There are two colours, Black and Black/Brown and I always choose the black version which is exactly as it says - Black, There's nothing worse than buying a 'Jet Black' mascara and ending up with grey lashes. It also has pretty good lasting power, If I put it on at 7am it still looks good at 7pm, by 11pm or so it does tend to flake a little but I don't think that is too bad and I don't get any smudging under the eye either. It's also very easy to remove and doesn't cause my lashes to come out the way a few other long lasting formulas do.

Also I would say that this is a mid price mascara at £16.00 for 7ml which isn't much more than the more expensive high street offerings as a good 'cheaper' mascara will be around the £12 mark and I'm happy to pay that little bit extra for the quality that I get from this product.

I genuinely like this mascara and I think It's worth it's price tag. It's not innovative and doesn't have flashy packaging but it does exactly what it's supposed to do and I like that in a mascara. If your looking for an easy to use mascara that will give you lovely long lashes every time without fail then this is the product for you.

Clinique High Impact Mascara is £16.00 for 7ml from Clinique counters Nationwide.
Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?



  1. that looks really nice on! love it with one coat

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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    1. I like it best with one coat too, it's such a lovely mascara :) x

  2. Your eyelashes are GORGEOUS!! Had you curled them beforehand? You seem to feel about this mascara how I feel about my MUFE Smoky Lash, which is expensive as hell but I've just repurchased woop woop :p

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Thanks lovely, No I hardly ever curl my lashes, I always mean to but then I forget an start putting my mascara on :/ Aha yeah I love it, thank god I get staff discount at debenhams or else I'd be too poor :) x

  3. It's such an amazing mascara

  4. Wow this looks great! I'm actually considering buying it!


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