Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ootd: Mint

Coat Primark | Jumper Topshop | Jeans Topshop | Bag Jimmy Choo | Shoes Primark

I last did one an ootd all the way back in December as I've been a busy bee but I got a couple of days off last week and I loved having a little bit of time to relax and do things at a slower pace than has been the norm for the past few weeks. I wore this outfit for food shopping with Jon, I know such a crazy way to spend my day off but I do enjoy a good trip to asda now that I'm officially great at finding all the bargains. It has made me realise though just how much more expensive the healthy food is as opposed to all the junk, I thought people were just being lazy when they said they couldn't afford healthy food but it is actually difficult when you don't have a lot to spend.

I've basically been wearing all black everyday for the past six weeks straight so I thought I'd go for a bit of colour with my jumper, I decided to go for a pastel as too much colour would be a shock to the system after all this time and this mint green is such a lovely colour and it's so comfortable too. I originally went to put on black jeans but I couldn't face it so I had to get out my Topshop Leigh jeans which are quickly becoming my favourite pair, might have to get a few more colours. I wore my usual coat which I love so I might actually be sad once the warm weather comes as I'll have to put it away although I genuinely cannot wait till summer.

What do you like to do on your days off, do you like to take it easy or go all out?

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Series: Happiness is a Sunday and a little ramble about life.

I feels like a very long time since I wrote one of these posts and since I blogged regularly really. Life's been busy, busy, busy lately which I do thrive on but it can also get me down a little bit (I get extremely grumpy when i'm tired) which means I haven't felt like blogging on top of the many other things on my to do list, I like to keep this blog positive and I'm not one to moan on here, I'd rather ramble on about the things I love than moan, It's definitely more fun. Factor in long days, an achy body and no light to take pictures and this little blog has been pushed to one side to make room for the things that I need to put first, It's how it is at the min.

However blogging does make me happy, It's another creative outlet for me and a little bubble bath, lipstick and high heel shaped escape for me when I have the time to sit down and write. I absolutely love what I'm doing at college right now and I'm hoping that all of my hard work will start to pay off and help me get a foot up when the time comes but for now I'm just keeping on going, trying to work as much as I can and give it my all (the level of which varies depending on how much coffee I've had that day, i'm still a caramel latte addict.)

I did have a few days off this week though so I made sure to schedule a bit of time to photograph all of the products I've been loving and take a few little ootd's and I actually remembered to take pictures when I went somewhere which I never normally do (am I becoming...organised?!) I hope you guys are all well and you've had lots of exciting things happening in your lives, I'd love to hear what you've been up to lately and what you'd like to see more of from me, for now I'll leave you with a few things that have made me happy this week.

-My first lie in since the start of the year, I actually got to stay in bed till 8!
-Switched to decaff for my afternoon coffee's and I'm seeing a difference.
-I got to spend a few days catching up with my mum and Jon as well as people from home which was so lovely.
-I finally bought a screw driver for my tap shoes which means no more screws shooting across the room every time I shuffle.
-Treated myself to some Victoria Secret Goodies which were 7 for £30, such a bargain and it means I get to smell great for a while.
-I've been in a lot of rehearsals which are pretty long but so inspiring even when I'm just watching.
-Jon treated me to a Mac makeup lesson and products for valentines day so I've got a few lovely things and I've finally repurchased my brow brush, hallelujah for good brows and a boyfriend who's really great at presents.
-Fresh bedding and bubble baths, there is absolutely nothing better when your body hurts than to go from a warm bubble bath to a freshly sheeted bed, heaven (except for when a certain person starfishes...)
-I discovered that cadbury's do chocolate covered shortcake biscuits, amazing! Other than those, It's been a pretty healthy few weeks.
-I got to spend a morning undisturbed, sat on sofa, coffee in hand, bagels on plate, blogs on laptop. So happy to have caught up with all my faves.

What's been making you happy this week?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beauty: MAC Peach Blossom

I love a good nude lip however for some reason all I ever seem to buy is bold colours, usually red. So on one of my last trips to MAC I made an effort to pick out a neutral shade that I could wear everyday if I wanted to. After swatching what seemed like a million and one shades I had a clear winner, Peach Blossom. I've actually mentioned this is my November favourites post and i'm still loving it.

It's a lovely peachy pink shade that's close to my natural lip colour but still has enough pigmentation to make a difference. As it's a cremesheen finish it glides on easily and feels lightweight on the lips, although it is still a lipstick so it does stick to any dry skin on your lips so it would be worth making sure you have a smooth base to apply it on to, this doesn't bother me too much as I've never found a single lipstick that doesn't do this and it's really the only negative with this product. It has the usual Mac lipstick/vanilla scent which I personally love but I know some people really don't enjoy.

It's probably my most used lipstick from my entire collection so I think if your looking for a great everyday shade then this would be a great choice. Let me know if you have any recommendations for other neutral colours as I love finding new shades.

Have you tried Peach Blossom? What are your thoughts?