Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Change is Coming.

The title is a bit ominous and I have to say I'd prefer it if you read it in a Game of Thrones style in your head. However in this case change is definitely a good thing and I'm very happy that Winter is Coming  this year (couldn't resist, It's a long wait for Season 7.) For a long time I felt a little bit stuck, like I was doing everything I could to move forward but whenever I stopped to look I was in the same position. However suddenly things have started to happen very quickly, scarily quickly and I'm embracing every opportunity.

In a few weeks I'll be moving to start a new job over Christmas, so far, so exciting but I'll also be moving to France which is a little bit further away from Derby than Nottingham but honestly I can't wait. I'm lucky enough to have some lovely friends joining me after a few weeks but for those first few weeks it will just be little old me and although I'm nervous, I'm so looking forward meeting everyone.

It does mean leaving my part time job that I've had for the last seven years, which will be a strange feeling as I've gotten so used to feeling like I live there and I'll be leaving my family, friends, co workers and other half but most of them have already decided which hotel they're staying in when they visit me so I think I'll be seeing them soon enough.

It also means that I'll have to prep up a lot of post's over the next few weeks to see me through moving and getting settled in but seeing as I'm really enjoying getting back into blogging that is definitely not a hardship for me. I already have a few beauty post's coming up for you lot and my shopping addiction means that I will certainly have plenty more for you in the run up to Christmas.
So seeing as I'm starting to realise that change can be really great, I might just have to make a few changes to this little corner of the internet, if anyone has any ideas then you just let me know and if you would like to keep updated then you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram - @rosaliejayne.

Have any of you made a big move by yourself?  If you have any tips then please let me know.


  1. I've just come across your blog and I love it!! Found it via Twitter :) I'd love you to check mine out if you get the time https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/imitation-is-greatest-form-flattery-3766948

  2. That sounds really exciting, go you!

    Sarah | http://peoniesandpretties.blogspot.co.uk/


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