Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Wishlist - There's no place like Home

This week I discovered the treasure trove that is Zara Home, In all seriousness how have I missed this until now? I decided to put together a wishlist of home accessories from there and other shops that make adorable bits and bobs to make my room cosy.

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted a wardrobe full of padded hangers, I think for some reason it just screams luxury to me, no idea why and they are probably actually awkward as hell to keep clothes on without them all sliding off to the bottom of the wardrobe. Nevertheless I'm always going to dream of the perfect walk in wardrobe full of beautiful clothes on beautiful hangers, until then I have a few pieces around my room that are just far too pretty to be hidden away so I might have to get this little set from Zara just for those.

I also really love this tealight holder/lantern, It's so pretty and feminine and would look so pretty anywhere in my room, I'm pretty disappointed that I can't burn candles in my new room but I have plans to smuggle them all to Jon's and he's just going to have to deal with having his man space invaded with golden butterfly lanterns.

Alongside my candle obsession I also have a bit if an addiction to buying mugs and the Disney shop have such a cute collection, I'm loving this adorable Minnie Mouse mug which is huge so it would be great for either making crazy hot chocolates with whipped cream for winter or adding to my collection of mugs that I like to keep my brushes in. I would probably go more for the crazy hot chocolates, as much as I love my brushes I love chocolate more.

As I have quite a few books, I've been thinking about getting some new bookends to stop them all from falling off the shelf (I'm currently having to use other books and a teddy and it just doesn't work.) I love this red and white animal and heart print set from Debenhams, they would just add a little something to my bookshelf and they do remind me of Christmas which is something I can't wait for now the cold weather has started.

Zara have also got these great glass bottles that would look pretty on any dressing table,I don't even know what your supposed to keep in them but they just look great for decoration. I also love the sleeping masks they do, I've never had one but as my room faces onto dark gardens and Jon's seems to have a million and one streetlights pointing directly at it, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get one and why not have a leopard print one?

I also found this cute teacup candle from Bomb Cosmetics, I was given the tinned version of the Chocolate Orange candle as a gift and It is amazing! Sadly it's all burned down so of course I need a new one and the Mad Hatters Tea cup version is so cute, I don't really know if I'd be able to bring myself to burn it.

Are there any accessories you'd love for your home this month?


  1. I love the little glass bottles, im a sucker for homeware! They're all just so pretty and sparkly!


    Sade XO

  2. awh the disney mug is so cute! I love white chic furniture!:) xxx

  3. I adore Zara home!! :) I wish I could kit my flat out with Zara!
    Such a cute post :)
    Keep in touch sweetie!
    Andrea xxx

  4. cute post! follow each other on gfc? :)

  5. Zara home sounds amazing! I didn't even know it existed :)
    Definitely need to check it out! <3

  6. lovely! :)


  7. Oh god don't remind me how lovely Zara home is, eek!

  8. the bottle is so pretty, it'd be so nice for a room fragrance!

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  9. I love posts like these! That glass bottle is my favourite xxx

  10. Zara home is brilliant, I bought a whole load of stuff the recently for our new home and I want more too!


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