Thursday, 15 August 2013

Palmers Purifying Mask - The Review

Clearing up my skin has been something I've been battling with for about the last ten years or so and I've mainly got it under control but for the past few months my skin has been having a little meltdown, I think it's mainly due to me being overly stressy about all of the things that are changing soon and worrying about every little thing and stress tends to show up on my skin very easily . So I needed something to calm it down a little and after seeing a few posts about this, I decided to try it out for myself.

This is a thick, white mask that has a light floral scent which they say is White Lily, I have no idea if it really does smell like lilies but it does smell nice and I'm don't hate every moment that I have it on my face the way I do with a lot of clay masks that don't have the most pleasant scents. It is a 'Green Clay' mask and as I have combination/Oily skin I find that clay masks tend to be the way to go for me but as I also have sensitive skin I do find that a lot of them can be too harsh and cause a reaction. Luckily that didn't happen with this product and my face was left feeling clean and fresh after I had washed it off. I also didn't experience any redness which can happen if I use something that is too harsh for my skin.

It also states on the back of the product that it has four beneficial ingredients: Cocoa and Shea Butters to deeply moisturise and nourish, Vitamin E - A powerful antioxidant, Kaolin (Clay) which gently dries to detox and purify and Sweet Almond Oil which is a lightweight skin emollient. I think the moisturising properties of some of these ingredients could be why this doesn't dry out my skin too much which is generally what causes the redness and irritation.

I've been using this three times a week for the past month and I've noticed a real difference in my skin, It hasn't cleared up my skin completely as my spots are stress/hormone related and there is no topical product in the world that can stop those from happening but it has done a lot to calm my skin down and speed up the healing process. I've noticed that my skin is less irritated after using this and the next day the blemishes are much less painful and the angry redness surrounding them has gone completely. It can sometimes bring out blemishes faster than they would come up on their own but I find that all clay masks do this and it means that they are gotten rid of faster than they normally would be.

I don't know yet if I like it more than my Origins out of trouble mask which is the product that I normally reach for but with the Origins Mask being £22.00/100ml, this product being £5.99/120ml and me having rent to pay, this is definitely the better option for me. I do think this is a really lovely product and once this tube is finished I will be buying it again.

Have you tried any of the Palmers Skincare range, what do you think?

Palmers Purifying mask retails for £5.99 and is available from Boots, Superdrug and other stockists. 
(I bought mine from Asda)


  1. I only really think of Palmers for moisturisers, I never knew they did stuff like face masks! x

    1. I thought the same until I saw this on a few blogs, I thought that cocoa butter body lotion was their product for such a long time x

  2. Hey Rosalie - thanks so much for your last few comments - I'm just getting round to my replies now oops!! I adore cocoa butter - I've been slathering it on throughout my whole pregnancy! I may have to add this to my collection it sounds like a fab product. Bump and I are well thank you, not much longer to go now :) Hope you're well! xx

  3. I love Palmer's products! This sounds lovely xxx

  4. Thank you for the post. I have the same problem and will give this mask a go


  5. I would highly recommend their bronzing body creams! Gives a nice gradual colour and doesn't go patchy if you leave it a night or two which I hate!! Also, it's the only fake tan my bf can stand me wearing as it smells of chocolate lol :) xx


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