Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

I'm not really one for expensive foundations, don't get me wrong I've tried a handful that I've really liked but just not enough to repurchase. Except that is, for my beloved Chanel Pro Lumiere, which I couldn't repurchase as I had the perfect timing to go and fall in love with it just before it was discontinued which meant I could never buy another bottle, gutted doesn't cut it. So I've been keeping an eye out for any new Chanel Foundation launches and I got this a few days after it was released back in April and I have to say I like it, In fact, I like it a lot.

The packaging is the usual Chanel black and white which always works for me, however it's a little annoying when I get foundation fingerprints on the bottle, no idea how as I apply it with a brush but somehow they're there, probably just to annoy me. At first I didn't like the purely plastic packaging as it doesn't seem as expensive as the glass bottles but I have come to realise it's a lot more practical and means it's possible to travel with without any worries. It seems to be a lot smaller than most foundations I own but It does contain the usual 30ml which does make me wonder why the others have such big bottles but to be honest I like the smaller size as it takes up less space and as it has a screw top lid I've had no issues with this leaking into my makeup bag at all which is always a plus point especially when it's an expensive formula.

The formula itself is quite a light coverage, you could probably layer it up to create a medium coverage but I prefer a ligher coverage myself. I love that it feels like I have no makeup on whilst I'm wearing this and it gives my skin a fresh, slightly dewy look at first before settling into a slightly matte, velvet (obviously) finish which isn't fully matte I need to add but I really love that in between finish that not many brands have found. It's not too great at covering imperfections or dark circles so I always wear a concealer with it but it isn't too much of an issue without, I wouldn't wear this if I was extremely tired or if my skin was acting up as it wouldn't work for me but for everyday wear It's great. I also like that my shade aka the palest one there is, is called '10 Beige' as normally that word means 'Rosalie, this is too dark for you step away' however in this case it actually works for me.

If you are generally pretty happy with your skin and you're just looking for something to add a little bit of radiance and smoothness then I would definitely recommend this. It's pricey at £33.00 for 30ml but although I was lucky enough to have a giftcard and staff discount, I would have bought this full price as it really works for my skin.

Have you already tried or are wanting to try this? What are your thoughts so far?


  1. Looks amazing on you! This sounds like an amazing foundation, although i'd definetly need abit more coverage i think!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. your haircolor is gorgeous, love! its perfect against the colors of the necklace and top. is that your natural hair color? lots of love from here! Flea

    The Flea Marcat

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