Sunday, 28 September 2014

Happiness Is a Sunday

Hope you guys are all well, Life has been a bit hectic for me lately with moving back to Nottingham, my course restarting, working and of course trying to avoid all beauty blogs for fear of wanting to buy anything and everything makeup related that they post even though I am supposed to be a responsible grown up and therefore not allowed to spend my food shopping money on mascara...

That said I've been loving being back to doing what I love so I thought I'd get one of my favourite posts up which is the one where I get to share all the little things that I've been loving this week.  And I also wanted to share the post that made me want to get my laptop out and write this which is this little post by Becky over at Milk Bubble Tea. I was having one of those days where I woke up feeling yucky after coming down with a cold yesterday, spilled my morning coffee, forgot a clean top, had to spend my time picking gone off prawns out of a bin at work after someone lovely put a bag over them instead of cleaning them, nearly died whilst trying to reach for my shampoo in the shower etc, etc, I think you all get where I'm going with this but after reading that post I decided that I was going to stop feeling sorry for myself and do what I want. Which is why i'm snuggled in bed before 9pm with a cup of tea and brainstorming ideas for this little corner of the internet. With that all said here's the little things that have been making me smile this week.

~ I'm back at college all week which means I get to dance and sing and act and all that jazz (think I just made myself cringe with that one, sorry about that) all day long which is making me so happy I can't even put it into words, I need to remember this when i'm in pain come Friday afternoon.
~Treated myself to a new Snood, Yep that was a highlight of my week but it made me happy at the time and will continue to make me happy when my neck is all cosy this weekend.
~Had a little mini epiphany in ballet when I realised that if I carry on jumping/turning/flailing instead of giving up then eventually I get it.
~Genuinely felt so inspired by all my classes this week and felt so proud of all my classmates who got to perform on tour with the lovely Kerry Ellis this weekend.
~Took Mama to buy her first set of makeup brushes, such a proud moment and hopefully she'll  finally let me do her makeup soon.
~My caramel latte addiction is still going strong and I had a cute little conversation with the man in the dinky donuts van whilst I was buying one, reminiscing on when I used to go there for my donut fix with my nan and my sister as a child, if your in derby I would try either the coffee of the donuts,you will not regret it.
~He doesn't get a mention on here very often as it's not his thing but Jon needs a special mention this week for putting up with me when I'm poorly as I'll admit as soon as I feel a cold coming on I become whiny and also just for being awesome in general as he's always there to cheer me up, cuddle me and feed me when I'm grumpy, which is a lot. That's about as smooshy as I'm going to be.
~Friendly faces - No matter how bad a day I've had sometimes the little chats I have with my regulars at work or when people in shops chat to me (I had to mention the girls in lush/man in starbucks who cheered me up last week) really do cheer me up, so you never know when just being nice can make someone's day easier.
~ I'm also loving being in my new house, I loved all my old housemates but there was just too many of us in a massive house so It's much more relaxing only having two lovely housemates, even if we are all like granny's in bed by half past nine and drinking tea whilst watching the bake off.

What's been making you happy this week, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Haha, yesterday I spent part of my food shopping money on bubbles, I think it was worth it.

  2. Nice post.


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