Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns.

There are plenty of Philosophy products back at home but it's quite rare that I find one that I love, not because the products aren't great but just because the majority of them are owned by my Mum and I'm only allowed to try the ones that she has decided I can and I am under strict instructions not to touch the rest (It may sound cruel but this rule only came about after I discovered her pink lemonade scrub and managed to use about three quarters of it, I couldn't help myself!)

Luckily for me my mum prefers the fruity scents and anything vaguely 'cakey' scented is sent my way, which is how I came to get my paws on this beauty. As far as what it actually does, well it's a shower gel and bubble bath (it also says shampoo but I probably wouldn't use it as that unless I had no other options) and it cleans your body and puts bubbles in your bath which is what I need it to do really.

The real selling point of this is the smell, It smells incredible! It has a kind of creamy but spicy/ cinnamon smell, It's perfect for Autumn as it such a warming scent if that even makes any kind of sense? It really does give me the same feeling as when I sniff a fresh cinnamon bun, which is a very happy feeling as we all know I love pastries. I really wish I could do it justice but I seriously encourage you to pop into boots and have a sniff, you won't want to put it back down. As its pretty expensive I'm saving it for special occasions aka my pamper nights so It will last me a while but If your looking for a nice Christmas gift for someone who actually likes receiving bath products (those people do exist, I'm one of them) then this would a lovely idea.

Have you tried any of Philosophy's bath products? Any Favourites?


  1. This for me just captures winter and Christmas - it's lovely! Xx


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    1. Thanks, I'll take a look at your blog lovely x

  3. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)
    Beautiful blog!<3 I'm a new follower!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


    1. Thanks, It really is a gorgeous product, I couldn't not share it with you guys x

  4. I haven't tried any of Philiosphy's products but I really want to try some. I love the sound of this I love cinammon scents that remind me of christmas!


    1. They're a little pricey but they are very luxurious, It's such a christmassy scent, I think I might put a new bottle on my christmas list :) x


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