Monday, 14 October 2013

Review -Soap and Glory - Scrub Actually

I will admit that as much as I love beauty products and faffing about with makeup and all that jazz, the area that I fail spectacularly at is exfoliating, In the sense that I just don't do it, ever. I own quite a few scrubs and I'm always so excited when I first get them but every single time I get out of the shower and remember that I still didn't use it and vow to do it next time, it's a viscous circle. So I decided to make an effort to start using a scrub more often, in stepped Soap and Glory's Scrub actually to help me with this endeavor.

As you can see from the above photo is quite a thick scrub compared to others that I have tried which I personally like as I feel that if a scrub is too runny then it doesn't really do anything and is therefore a waste of money. I also like the fact that as it is a sugar scrub the grains are quite big which means that it feels quite rough at first but they dissolve away slightly as you exfoliate and it begins to feel very soothing especially if you are in a warm bath. I also love that this doesn't leave a mess in my bath/shower as that's one of my pet hates when it comes to products, I dislike being all relaxed and then realising that I have to spend an age cleaning my bath out.

Another thing that I really enjoy about this scrub is how moisturising it is, most scrubs tend to remove all of my dry skin but leave it feeling tight and a little sore however this does neither. I feel like this could be because of the Mango Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Kukui Oil which are listed as a main ingredients as after washing this off I do sometimes feel like there is a slight oily residue left on my skin which I quite like as it means I don't have to moisturise (I know, I know I should but I'm worse with that than exfoliating.) It also meant that it was very difficult to keep that blob on my hand when I was trying to take a picture for you guys as it kept sliding about everywhere. 

I've found that although this is a great all over body scrub, my favourite way to use this is after I have shaved my legs as it makes my skin feel silky smooth and less irritated than any other scrub I've tried as my skin can be so sensitive after shaving and the easiest way for me to prevent a rash is to use this straight away and it also means I don't have to faff about with a harsh scrub and moisturiser after which makes me happy, so now really wish I'd found this this product a lot sooner, The tube says it's sensational and it really is (I'll stop being cheesy now.) As this is me and I clearly have an obsession with things smelling nice I do have to mention that It smells amazing, It doesn't have a specific scent but it really is lovely, so I really recommend you try it out especially as Boots has 3 for 2 on a lot of things including Body Skincare products a the moment so it would be a very good deal.

Have you tried this scrub or do you have another favourite to share?


  1. This sounds lovely, I'm obsessed with body scrubs but so many of them are drying. I think I might have to pop this on my Christmas list! xxx

  2. We love this kind of products, we use a lot of differents products for peeling and skin is nice then!

  3. This scrub looks sooo nice!!! Xx Anne

  4. I need to try more Soap & Glory products, I love them.
    I don't scrub that much but I really need to when I've done it in the past I have noticed a massive difference to my skin and how soft it is etc.


  5. This sounds really nice, I love a good scrub too especially on my legs but find that some aren't grainy enough. At the moment I'm using an exfoliating glove as its easy and Im lazy (haha) but might have to pick this up if Im in boots! x


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