Monday, 29 September 2014

MAC Sumptuous Olive

I first came across this shade a few years ago but I always overlooked it whenever I visited a store as I'm not really one for colourful eyeshadows, I'm definitely a neutral girl with eye makeup so I tend to avoid all of the green/blue shades at mac and for some reason I've been convinced since I was a kid that blue and green definitely do not work on blue eyes (probably made that up in my head after I had to do blue eyes/red lips for my first and last disastrous dance show when I was a kid, I fell over onstage while dressed as a rabbit and of course there's a video, I don't think I need to say anymore.) However after swatching this on a whim and realising that it's more of a khaki gold shade than a green I had to have it.

Compared to other Mac shadows the pigmentation on it's own isn't really anything to write home about however as you can see in the photo above, with a little bit of primer it's lovely. For me that's fine as I like to wear a primer anyway but It's great as an all over lid color if you wanted a neutral shade that's a little bit different but I also like to mix this in to a gold/brown smoky eye look as it just adds a little something special to it.

If your just starting to put a Mac Palette together then I probably wouldn't put this one on the list of basic eye shadows that you really need but if your a hardcore neutral eyeshadow lover like me then I would definitely recommend it for your collection. It was a little frustrating that they didn't have this in pan form when I went to the store as I now have to faff about with depotting it which is always a scary business but I'm guessing that means that it's a popular shade and rightly so as it is a really great shade and will be great for autumn.

Are there any products that you initially overlooked but ended up loving? Let me know in the comments.

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