Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Finally found the perfect pair of denim short-shorts.

I'm not the biggest fan of shorts, I'm more of a jeans/skirt kind of girl but I've always had my heart set on finding the perfect pair of denim shorts and every year I search and every year I fail, until this year. I'm what you would politely call slightly pear shaped but with how often I got shouted at in ballet to tuck my bum in even though it is already tucked as far as it will go I think slightly is an understatement which means that getting an item of clothing to fit my waist and my bum at the same time is difficult and choices have to be made. Normally I choose to emphasize the waist which is why I tend to avoid shorts as it means too much is on show at the back but this time I decided to choose legs and it was for the best.

I picked up these shorts in the Zara sale along with a few other bargains I'll be posting about soon and after trying them on in the changing room and not being blown away, I persevered, brought them home and tried them on with various tops and belts and fell in love, clearly this was a long courtship and not love at first sight. I bought them two sizes bigger than my normal size so they're slightly baggy in the leg and don't cut into my thighs which is always nice and with a belt and a bit of sorting I can make them fit to my waist in a way that would make even Kelly Kapowkski happy with them (If you don't know who that is google it, she was all my twelve year old self wanted to be.)

I'm ridiculously happy with these but please let me know if you've shared the dilemma of finding the elusive perfect version of something too, I hope you've found them already!


  1. I love Zara clothing :) I also get excited when I find clothes that fit nicely and the way that I want it to..I even sometimes get double of something! These denim shorts look great, I like the colour of them and the style, I must check out zara stores very soon to see if I can find these.

    Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a lovely day!

    Y i n g || ~* YingcBeauty *~

    1. I found them in the sale but they should have lots of other styles, thank you I hope you do too x

  2. as much as i hate wearing denim sometimes, high waisted shorts are such a staple now! glad you found the right pair (:

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  3. Ooo these look gorgeous!


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