Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I can never resist a great pair of heels.

And that's the truth, I'm a sucker for shoes, for everything else I can be a bit practical, I can use the same handbag everyday, buy the same jeans in every colour, always have some kind of plain black leather jacket but when it comes to shoes I can't resist a pretty pair, especially when the pair is both pretty and on sale and this year the sales have been very good to me, I'll post more of my bargains soon.

I clocked onto this pair in the Zara sale last week, I did the see the blue pair first but they just weren't exactly right for me, luckily these were right behind them and for only £19.99 who am I to say no? I love the colour blocking and the dainty but still unusual straps and who doesn't like a bit of shiny patent leather? I'm thinking these will look great on holiday for the evening and of course with jeans over here. I did try and tell myself that I have enough pairs of heels and should only buy shoes that are practical or classic so they'll go with everything but the heart wants what the heart wants and I think I'll find a way to make things work with these.

What do you think, such a good bargain right? Any other shoe addicts out there who know how it is when you see the perfect pair?


  1. Totally know how you feel - I have a complete shoe obsession! These are just so pretty, what a good deal xo

    1. They were a complete bargain, yay, aha I'm glad it's not just me with the shoe buying problem.


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