Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July Beauty Loves

Mac Lipstick In 'Girl about Town'
I love a bold lip all year round but in summer I sometimes feel that a red lip just isn't right and that's when I reach for this. It's a creamy bright fuschia that is much easier to wear than you would think and I think it's the perfect alternative for my usual lipstick which is Russian Red. It's an amplified finish It has a very light and velvety texture which means I like to layer it with powder to stop it from transferring easily but it also doesn't bleed even when it's extremely hot and so is perfect for summer nights out and as it has blue undertones it has a slight teeth whitening effect and who doesn't want that.
Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil
As my morocanoil has started to get low I decided to have a look for another hair oil so that I could alternate between the two and make my morocanoil last longer. I chose this one after reading good reviews of it and for the purpose I bought it for, I was dissapointed. When I leave this on my hair after washing it leaves my hair looking greasy in the midlengths and dry at the ends which is not what I want. However I've found that I really love this as a wash off treatement, I leave it on my hair for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash off and I'm left with soft silky hair. A little goes a long way too, I've actually used it at least 5 imes as a leave in product and three times as a treatment and as you can see from the photo above not a lot has gone. This is why hair oils are such a good investment as they last such a long time.
Jimmy Choo Flash EDP
I've actually had this for a while as Jon bought it me for valentines day however as I was still using my coco madamoiselle I just forgot about it. However since getting my handbag it's been a bit of a novelty to use both at the same time, It's so sad but I love carrying this in my bag and now if I only I had some shoes to match, I'd better get saving up if I want that to happen. It does help that this smells gorgeous too, It has quite a strong floral and quite musky scent which I love as I'm not much of a fan of sickly smelling perfumes.
Bourjois Blush in 'Healthy Mix'
I've actually mentioned this before in another favourites post so I won't say too much about it but I'm still loving it. It hasn't got a strong colour but It's been very helpful over the past few weeks as I haven't been sleeping well and this has played a big part in making me look healthy and half human at least which is always helpful in a morning.
Loreal Expertise Eversleek Absolute Smooth Intense Mask
I've been hearing a lot about this range on various blogs and when we were food shopping a few weeks ago they were all on offer and as my mum was choosing some for herself, I decided to pop this in the trolley for myself to make up the offer, it was a good decision. This is a really lovely hair mask and it really does it's job in making my hair smooth and soft, it seems to be the perfect partner for the extraordinary oil. I also love that this is a very thick mask which means it stays where I put it rather than the usual thin offerings that just slide straight off and wash away, I always feel like the thicker masks are more worth the money.
Real techniques buffing Brush
A few months ago I caved and bought the RT Core Collection and I'm not going to lie, It was mainly for this brush. I used to own the expert face brush until it got stolen (four months and I'm still bitter about this) so I needed a new foundation brush so I took the opportunity. This really helps to make my foundation look good as it buffs (yep) it in to create a really nice finish. I feel like this gives less coverage straight away than the expert face brush or the stipling brush which means it does take longer to get to the finish I like but it is worth the time and effort.
Nails Inc polish in 'Beaumont Street'
Most of the time I'm not a massive fan of matchy, matchy things but I've started to get into it over the past few months so whilst I've been loving the pink lipstick of course I needed nails to match. This is hot pink that is a pretty good match for Girl about Town but it does have less of a blue undertone. I don't mind as I'm probably the only person who cares to notice and it's such a great polish that it doesn't matter to me. As with most Nails Inc polishes it has a great application and is flawless in two coats, it does take a little while to dry but it's not too much of an issue.

What have you been loving this month?


  1. I've been coveting the Girl About Town lipstick for such a long time! It's such a pretty shade.
    I've been loving my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser this month :) xo
    Lydia Rose

  2. I love the buffing brush too! I really like the sound of that Bourjois blush xxx

  3. Girl about town looks like the most beautiful colour!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.


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