Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Series - Life Lately

This week has been mega busy, I've been working a lot as well as trying to fit in seeing Jon and my friends, shopping with mama and the most exciting part, sorting out a place to rent when I move to Nottingham in September. It's just a room in a shared house at the moment but you have to start somewhere and it's best to start small to give you the motivation to move up in the world, moving out on my own is the first step towards my dream townhouse. It's a weight off of my shoulders and now I can just concentrate on finding a new part time job for when I move and getting all of my things together so If anyone knows of part time vacancies in Nottingham or knows where the best places to go to are then please let me know. I'm so glad that next week is going to be a little quieter and I'll be able to get more things crossed off my to do list.

I did get chance to go shopping in Birmingham on Friday, the highlight being a trip to selfridges ending in me owning my perfect bag. You can read my post here and you can also see my little bag in all of it's colours on the Jimmy Choo site here. I apologise if once you get on there it takes you hours to stop looking, but what better way to spend a few hours than looking at beautiful accessories.

In my free time this week I've actually been sitting down to watch some beauty videos on youtube, It's something I always mean to do but very rarely have the time, so when I come to do it I have a million and one to catch up on. As always I've been loving the Pixiwoo sisters videos, I love how they can both do crazy creative looks but also put together the most beautiful daytime or going out looks. I've also just found Australian Beauty Guru Chloe Morello and I love her makeup tutorials, they are flawless, I tried out this look this week and I loved it, I felt infinitely more glamorous than usual.

I've also become obsessed with Vanilla Chai Tea Latte's this week. Chai isn't really a summer thing but for some reason I've suddenly started wishing for Autumn, I think it's mainly to do with being eager to start my new course but also being surrounded by all of the A/W high street collections that have started to drop at the moment. I've been drinking the Drink me Vanilla Chai both hot (made with hot water) and Ice cold (with soya milk and Ice cubes) and it is nothing short of amazing. It's kind of pushing my caramel latte habit to one side at the moment and that is no mean feat.

Also don't forget you can follow me on bloglovin. It's kind of nice to be able to have all of the posts from all of the blogs I follow all in one place no matter what platform they're using, anything to make life a little simpler.

What have you been enjoying this week? Let me know if you have any favourite bloggers and youtuber's too, I'm always on the lookout for new posts to read and videos to watch.

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