Saturday, 29 December 2012

Orly Chocolate Martini

Although Christmas might be over I'm not quite ready to put aside my sparkly nail polishes just yet (to be honest I'm never ready and will probably wear this shade all year round.) I did a bit of sales shopping yesterday and I popped into boots to see if they had any St Tropez on offer to spend my giftcards on (I like being slightly orange all year round) the Orly nail polishes caught my eye. I've heard quite a lot about Orly polishes on various blogs and on youtube but I've never tried them myself so I thought I would give it a go. I'm a bit of a magpie and so I only really looked at the shiny ones, they had quite a few glitter polishes to choose from and after a little deliberation before my mum got bored and marched me to the till I settled on this metallic orange shade which doesn't look like either chocolate or a martini but It's still a great name.

Orly Chocolate Martini - £5 for 5.3ml

This polish was opaque in two coats which is pretty good for a metallic polish in my experience and it has fine glitter running through which looks amazing when it catches the light but I struggled to capture it in a picture, these really don't do justice as how to how pretty it really is. I think that this polish is a great colour for autumn/ winter as I love a good metallic around christmas time but would also look really pretty in summer as it's quite a bright orange 
My only issue is that close up you can see the brushstrokes if you look closely but to be honest I think this will only annoy me and it would be a bit strange if anyone else was looking at your hands that closely anyway  and other than that I think it's a great quality polish that doesn't break the bank.
I love this polish and I'm definitely going to try more orly polishes soon as this one has set my expectations quite high.

Orly is available from Boots and other Stockists Nationwide.



  1. That is suchhhhhhh a beautiful colour :D
    I love all things sparkly and warm looking, might have to look into these!
    Merry Christmas :D


  2. I know I love anything sparkly, I can't resist buying it!
    Thanks, you too :)

  3. That's a great shade, and you should definitely stick to being sparkly all year round! :)

  4. That really is a gorgeous shade - perfect for this season too!


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