Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas time.

Happy Boxing Day guys! I've just got back from work (Sad times I know, sometimes I hate working in a busy shopping centre) and Now I'm off to my Grandmas for her annual family Boxing Day Buffet which Is just one of the many traditions that means my body weight about doubles in the week between Christmas and New Years. I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas Day yesterday and you all got to be surrounded by your loved ones, eat way too much and open lots of presents. I just wanted to say thank you to all of my lovely followers, to be honest I only started this blog so I would have somewhere to chat with like minded people about pretty things as my family and friends tend to switch off when I mention anything to do make up or hair but It's so nice that people actually enjoy reading what I have to say and I love reading your comments and looking at all of your blogs. So yeah, Thankyou for reading my little blog guys.

Anyhoo I'll get on with my Christmas pictures now because I know your all really here to see the presents. I might do a separate post just about my presents but it's up to you guys if you'd like to see that so let me know in the comments.

For the majority of the day it was just me and my mum with appearances from my boyfriend and my sister who dropped by to open presents and have some dinner in my sisters case. I watched far to many Christmas specials and I ended up watching tangled whilst I couldn't move because I ate way too much yorkshire pudding but I really enjoyed it so it was okay. I did have to have a nap after dinner though, Christmas tradition and all that jazz.

The Tree.

A few presents on Christmas eve (I was too excited to remember to get my camera on Christmas Morning.)

After I attacked the pile of presents underneath the tree. Excuse the little bit of Christmas pyjama leg you can see at the bottom there, I was in the festive mood from the moment I woke up.

I always like to get dressed on Christmas day, nothing too special as I know I'll be at home all day but I like to look nice but still be comfortable enough to eat a massive dinner. I love this cardigan, you can't tell really, but it has metallic thread running through it so It's comfortable and sparkly.

I also go to finally use my new ghd's, I broke my old pair back in august and I couldn't afford to buy a new pair so my mum kindly bought me a new pair and I've been waiting to use them since the start of November.

Christmas Bedding, It's not very Christmassy but I love it ( and I will fully admit that I have an obsession with leopard print.)

My Christmas Jewellery | Watch from my lovely boyfriend | I got the bracelet from swarovski for my birthday back in March and my Auntie bought me the padlock charm at the top for Christmas, I was lucky enough to be given two of these charms so I'm going to see if I can exchange the other for a different one.

Apple Pie and Vanilla Cream Candles | The oils I had burning all day | Glittery Tea lights
The candles were lovely, I read about them on the lovely Lea's Blog and I was surprised to find out they're only from the pound shop, I'll definitely be getting some more of these.

Obligatory food Photos.

Bucks Fizz and Croissants for Breakfast | Mid morning Coffee | My massive dinner - The yorkshire pudding had it's own separate plate | Just a few chocolates

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know that I am incredibly lucky to have been given such lovely presents and that I have a wonderful family, friends and boyfriend who have spoilt me.

I'd love to read your christmas post so let me know if you've written one. I'm off to go look for bargains in the online sales.


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