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Christmas Gift ideas for her - Beauty Edition

As Christmas is coming up I thought it would be a nice idea to do a series of gift idea posts and I'm kicking it off with all things beauty related.I think we all know someone who is a lover of all things glamorous and beautiful and who is more than happy to receive pretty cosmetics as a gift, I think for a lot of people I'm that someone. Although as they love beauty so much it can be hard to find something they don't already have. This is where I think it's best to give them something a bit quirky or a gift set with a few different products in as they may have one or two of the products already there will more than likely be something new to try.

Now I am going to say that I am a big fan of buying presents, by that I mean I love spending time  thinking of gifts for each person, going to different shops for everything and wrapping it all up especially nice. I always think that you should never think 'what do most girls like?' or 'What do dad's like?' when buying presents, it should always be tailored specifically to the person your buying for, the question should be 'What does (insert name here) like?'

However I am aware that this is my personal quirk and that a lot of people just don't enjoy christmas shopping. Either they hate the busy shopping centre, their mind goes blank when thinking of gifts or just can't find the time to fit gift shopping in to their busy schedules. So that is where my gift guides come in, for those of you who are stuck for ideas here are my ideas for universal presents for girls (obviously if you feel like your sister or someone would prefer something from my ideas for him guide or one of the others then buy that instead, it's better to get someone something suited to their tastes than think 'hey, they're a girl they must like pink glittery things' because I know my own sister would not appreciate that.)

Now I will stop rambling and get on with the bit you came here for.

Rosalie's Christmas Gift Guide for her - Beauty Edition

1. River Island Perfumes in Paris, London and New York 

£10.00 for 3ml or £12.00 for 75ml each.
Gift set £15.00

I think that these fragrances are great to give to friends, especially if your buying for quite a few people as they won't break the bank but they still smell lovely and will look glamorous on their dressing table. They could be the main gift for a friend or maybe a new girlfriend or a stocking filler for someone your very close to and want to get them a little something extra to go with a more expensive present. It would be best to go into the shop and smell them all before you buy as only you will know which scent would suit the person your buying for.

2. Owl Compact Mirror - Asos - £12.00

This mirror is so cute and fun and would be the perfect little stocking filler. That doesn't just go for this one though as I think compact mirrors make great presents, they're always something that if you don't have in your handbag then at some point you'll be wishing you had one. There are plenty of these about around christmas time, I've seen quite a few nice ones in h&m and accesorize which are more affordable and they also come on their own or as part of larger giftsets in places like boots so it's always worth checking out their massive 3 for 2 gift range.

3. Benefit 'She's so Jetset' gift set £29.50

Benefit bring out new giftsets every year and I think that they are a great idea for a gift for beauty lovers. I don't really buy full size benefit products as I think you don't get enough product for for how much you pay and the appeal is mainly about how cute the packaging rather than the actual products. Saying that however I do love their gift sets as I think you get good size products and you get to try a number of different products for the price of one or two full size things. In this kit you get 4 eyeshadows, a mini 'First Class' powder, a mini 'They're real' mascara, a lip gloss and a mini 'Porefessional' primer.

4. Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple - £10.55 (+Shipping)

Not only does this product look so cute in the tube but it is also an amazing glittery red opaque lipgloss. Limecrime are known for their great quality and highly pigmented products and I think this gloss would make a great present for someone who loves and bold lip but is always looking for something fun and a bit unusual.

5. Lancome miniature fragrances Chrismas set - £24.00

 I think mini fragrance sets such as this one make great Christmas presents. There's nothing worse than giving someone an expensive perfume that they don't like the smell of and it's just as bad when you receive a lovely present but you just don't like it. With these boxes you have more than one chance to get it right and there is a good chance that they will love at least one of the scents. It's also more affordable than buying one full size bottle of perfume, especially with a high end brand such as Lanc√≥me where none of the scents retail for less than £30. Places such as Boots, Superdrug and  Debenhams normally have a selection of mini fragrance sets so you can choose the one you think they'll like the most.

6.Kardashian Kolor By O.P.I Nicole Mini Nail Polish Set - £12.95

Mini nail polish sets are great as a main gift or as a stocking filler especially when they are by a brand such as O.P.I which is normally quite expensive. There are thre regular polishes and a glitter polish so this set is for that person who absolutely loves looking glamourous and glittery. Depending on who you're buying it for, the Kardashian aspect could be a good or bad thing, I personally love their style so this set would be great for me but I know some people just aren't fans and would rather receive a different O.P.I set such as the James Bond Skyfall set or the Minnie Mouse set.  Nevertheless the colours in this set are still lovely and the polishes are great quality as with all opi products

7.Soap and Glory Small Wonders Mini Hatbox - £10.00

Soap and Glory is a brand with a bit of a cult following so this present would be lovely for anyone who you know that loves Soap and Glory or that has never tried it before. They do a number of miniature gifts sets with various products from their core line which are all sold in boots (and also come into their 3 for 2 Christmas gift selection so you could buy two sets for friends and get a little something for yourself.) In this box you get mini versions of Clean on me shower gel, The Righteous butter Body Butter, The scrub of your life body scrub, Hand food hand cream and Shower Puff. They are all lovely products on their own, they smell great as with all Soap and Glory products and shower puffs are always fun.

8. Ted Baker Glitter Bow Cosmetics bag - £25.00

Make up and Cosmetics bags make lovely presents especially if you fill them with little knick knacks such as a little mirror, mini nail polishes and body sprays etc. kind of like a present within a present. You can buy lots of different lovely ones from lots of different shops, most shops that sell cosmetics have a selection as do alot of clothes shops. I like this Ted Baker version as it the plastic outer layer means it would be easy to get any make up off (I'm forever ruining cloth makeup bags with foundation or eyeliner) and the glittery bow just adds something a little bit special.

9. Essie Mini Winter Collection - £16.95

This is another mini nail polish collection from a great brand. Essie Nail polishes are really good quality however unless they have stopped to take a look at the stand in boots they might now know about it as quite a few people I know walk straight past it and to the brands that they know about already. This little set has four polishes in 2 bright shades and 2 glittery shades and unlike the Opi collection I featured earlier all of the colours are very different, so this would be good set for someone who you aren't sure about which colour are their favourites to wear on their nails as everyone has their own preferences.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful. Look out for my next gift guide post which is going to be about gifts for those girls who like more practical or gadgety things.



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