Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Sunday Morning Playlist

I'm a firm believer that the music you listen too can affect your mood significantly and I like to have a playlist for every mood. Feeling a bit down, I put on my positive playlist and dance about till I feel better, need a good cry, there's  my heartbreakers playlist and for when I need to kick ass whilst I workout I have girl power/get those squats done playlist. That's all a bit extreme for a Sunday Morning though so for that I like to listen to something a bit more relaxing.

At the moment I seem to be listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran's older stuff but I feel like that always happens when an artist brings out new material,  it jog's my memory and I then I start to remember all of the songs I used to love but just haven't thought to listen to in a while, which in itself brings back so many lovely memories. So this playlist has a lot of throwback songs but It's been so nice to reminisce while listening to them and it's just the kind of background music I need while I sit and sip my coffee and catch up on all my blog reading. Hope you all Enjoy!

Love Rosalie x

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