Saturday, 18 February 2017

All these little things.

I'm a firm believer in having a good balance of being social and having me time, but sometimes that me time just translates in to 'sit and feel sorry for me' time which I'm not really down with. I like to have a positive vibe but sometimes I let little things build up and it's taken me a long time to realise that's it's okay to be annoyed about something small. Everyone's situations are different and there will always, always be someone worse off than you but you know what, it's okay to get upset if you smash your phone screen, if your coffee leaks and ruins the only handbag and purse you have in the country, If you haven't seen your other half for months or even if someone says something a bit shitty to you at work for no reason but as cliché as it is, tomorrow really is another day. The real issue is how you deal with these things, I let myself mope for a little bit but then I like to reclaim my alone time to think about all the little moments in life that make me feel great.

Sometimes just seeing how happy we can make the guests visiting Disneyland Paris can really make my day as I do have some sleepless night's worrying about this not being what I ultimately want out of my career and whether I've done the right thing in moving out here by myself but just seeing that pure happiness makes it worthwhile. It's also good for me to remember that it's only the first step on my career path and even though I know I'll have up's and down's and time's where I'm wondering why the hell I chose such an impractical career (and subsequently remembering that It's the only thing I can really do as all of my skills have no relevance in real life, oops) but I'll always have the good memories to look back on and the knowledge that I've gained from having to deal with the not so good times.

Also hands up who loves that feeling when you find an almost exact copy of something unnecessary you were going to spend a lot of money on in Primark for almost nothing? I've been trying to fool myself into thinking that I'm only going to buy 'investment and classic items' which to be honest I have also been doing but I also forgot how fun it is to find a bargain. I've also been sprucing up my studio apartment (again to be honest that means a very expensive bedsit but we're being positive here) and as much as I love equality and feminism I'm not going to lie I was happy to let the guys carry my full length mirror for me whilst I carried their cushions and plants on the buses and train home, In my defence I couldn't see over the top of it but all that matters is it's here now and I no longer have to climb on the toilet to see my outfit in the bathroom mirror.

One thing that's made me very happy this week is to actually get some post's written up and have the lighting to take half decent photo's. I'm still definitely no photographer and it has been a little gloomy this week but Spring is on it's way and I'm feeling better about this little corner of the internet now that I've had time to decide the direction I'm taking it in. I've actually been able to spend time reading some blogs and going through instagram, which is a fun way to waste my time when I should be being productive and after realising I've managed to follow about three thousand people on there purely because they post pretty photo's, I've realised I maybe, just maybe need to spend and afternoon going through that.

Keep and eye out for more post's from me and I'd love to hear about all of the things that have made you feel good lately. Also if you can recommend any blogs for me to read then let me know.

Love Rosalie x

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