Friday, 30 September 2016

The Payday Wishlist.

Back in the day when this blog was just a little tyke,  my first ever post was my November Wishlist, so it only seemed fitting that one of my first post's after my hiatus is another collage of a few things I would love to buy if money wasn't an option. I almost forgot how much fun it was to window shop the web and put together these posts...Until today when I managed to spend a good few hours in between actual work perusing all the usual suspects (and subsequently having palpitations after putting it all into my Asos basket and seeing the total before emptying it again, tip of the day, never do that if your watching the pennies.)

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Looking at it, my style really hasn't changed that much since then, aside from the fact I now my style is more my own and I do attempt to buy more classic items and go on less Primark Shopping binges (even though I may or may not have bought the same skirt in three different colours the other week, it was £5, that's the only excuse I have) and lets be honest, I still lust after expensive makeup on a daily basis but I don't think that will ever change.

First up are these lovely sixties style earrings, not normally my cup of tea but i'm loving the colour combination this season, the patterns bold enough to be noticed but muted enough not to be too gaudy. Followed classic Jamie Jeans from Topshop which would replace my usual pair that I've had for a good eight years and they are still going strong (but I can't get away with pretending they're meant to be slightly grey for much longer.) Topshop can be a bit hit and miss for quality but I've found that their denim actually does live up to the hype and will last longer than many other high street offerings. 

As this is me, I had to include a good mug and this Beauty and the Beast inspired one caught my eye in-store a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out what to get an almost one year old for her birthday, (any suggestions then please let me know!) But I resisted however I feel it might fall into my basket one of these days.

Up next is a gorgeous lipstick shade by Rosie for Autograph at M&S. The shade is Lady Rose and although it's slightly similar to another from this range that I already own called Silk Cami however the quality alone is enough to justify a purchase as they are extremely pigmented and moisturising. I do also have my eye on the bright red shade which would be the perfect red for the party season.

Staying in the beauty sector, I've also included a trio of masks from the Purete Thermale by Vichy which includes the Instant Glow Double Peeling Mask, Relieving Solid Water Mask and Pore Purifying Clay Mask . At £14 each they're not exactly affordable however in my personal experience Vichy products are worth spending that little bit extra on as they not only look luxurious but they work wonders even on my sensitive skin. 

I'm also a sucker for classic shoes and it doesn't get more classic than these lovely black slingbacks from New Look. I'm so glad pointed toes are still in fashion and therefore all over the shops as weirdly they are most comfortable on my poor dancers feet. Who wouldn't want to buy shoes that are affordable, comfortable and chic?

Lastly, what would one of my wishlists be without this gorgeous River Island coat that is completely impractical i.e non waterproof, nice white fur around the face to get makeup on and such a lovely pale colour that it's just asking for a coffee spill. So In hindsight I can't justify a purchase but isn't it just so impractically lovely?

Let me know what's on your payday wishlist or of course your payday shopping spree if you're a lucky, lucky thing.

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