Monday, 16 December 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

This year seems to have flown by and as cliche as it is I really can't believe that it's Christmas already! Now this wishlist is a little late for me to receive any of these as my Mama always finishes her christmas shopping practically by the end of October (one day I will be that organised, I hope...) but there's nothing wrong with a little Christmas screen shopping.

I have a bit of a soft spot for both chiffon shirts and anything with a touch of leather so this shirt from Monki is perfect for me and would go with so many outfits which I've decided will be a new rule when I'm shopping, If I can't think of at least three outfits it'll fit into it has to go back, luckily with this one I can fit it into about fifty. Monki also has some lovely inexpensive lingerie and this is one of the only times that having no chest to speak of comes in handy as they are the tiniest slips of lace but they are oh so pretty and made for showing off just a little bit.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my coffee (mainly skinny caramel latte's with one two shots of coffee and a drizzle of caramel sauce if anyone was wondering) so of course I need lots of mugs to drink it out of and how adorable is this little Minnie mug? As well as coffee, makeup is another love of mine and I've been wanting one of the Ted Baker cosmetic bags for that last couple of years, I might just have to show this one to Jon as a little hint (or a blatant 'I want this!') as it's just perfect, who wouldn't need a sparkly makeup bag for Christmas?

Also who doesn't need a sparkly Rose headband anytime of the year...Well that would be me if we're going to get technical about it but if I can find a way to justify this purchase even a tiny bit then I will be buying it. It's just so pretty, it would more thank likely end up being used as a decoration in my room but then again it is made to be looked at. Another sparkly item is OPI's Affair in red square which doesn't look all that special in real life but I promise you it is absolutely gorgeous, it's a bright red metallic that is perfect for the christmas season and is also a one coat wonder (aka opaque in one coat.) I used to have a bottle of this but it smashed a few months ago so I think I just may be able to justify buying it again.

This is the not-in-a-million-years-will-I-ever-get-this-but-it's-so-pretty-it's-here-anyway item, You can't go wrong with a bit of Tiffany's and as Swarovski don't seem to be doing many gold charms this year, I have turned my sights elsewhere to the store with all the little blue boxes with the very large price tags. I love this teeny tiny letter charm and it's so perfect for this time of year with all the christmas cards being sent around.

I'm also looking at practical items this year as I really do need a good pair of boots now the cold weathers here, I trust the quality of Office's shoes and I love the quilting on these Chelsea Boots as it's adds a bit of a twist to such a classic item. I'm slightly obsessed with snoods ( I seem to have one on every wishlist in winter) but for some reason I've never purchased one, maybe this is the year and this Topshop version is the one for me.

What's on your Christmas Wishlist?


  1. Ted Baker make up bags are amazing and I love that one :) I bought my auntie the same design in black for her Christmas present this year ... shhh!
    I also absolute love the Tiffany charm! A girl can dream :)
    Hope you get some or all of the things on your wishlist this year :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx


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