Monday, 2 December 2013

Finding the Perfect Christmas Party Dress is easier said than done.

It might seem to some like the easiest decision ever but I know that there are so many ladies out there that are like me and can't find the perfect Christmas party dress for the life of them, everything I try on seems to be not quite right. The three that have caught my eye this season are all from Little Mistress and for once I haven't been drawn to all things sequinned and sparkly (I think I've already overloaded on glitter with my christmas tree, so much so that Jon is considering a ban on anything sparkly next year...)

The first dress I've been drawn to is this lovely red peplum dress, I love the origami detailing and the colour is gorgeous, red dresses always make me think of christmas time. I'm not a big fan of strapless dresses as I spend the majority of my night praying it will stay up but I think I need to be a little bit braver this year and maybe invest in a better strapless bra...

The second contender is this stunning cream bodycon dress with black lace, I adore how the lace is placed to create an hourglass figure and I don't think you can ever go wrong with monochrome as it just means you get to play around with makeup and accessories My only issue with this is that the majority of it is cream, great for a meal where I can tuck a napkin in the top to protect it but if I go down town I may as well chuck a drink down myself before I go as it'll happen at so many points during the night anyway.

The final dress is this black bodycon dress with mesh panels, which even though it's the simplest of the three, it has a classic chic feel with a little modernity added by the cutout sections. I really love the back of this dress which you can see if you click on the link under the photo's, it does mean that I would definitely have to wear my hair up if I chose it (not by law or anything but you can't cover up pretty back detailing can you.) I love that like the first dress I would be able to go all out with the accessories, so of course I would be able to justify the purchase of this little number (only in my ind however, my bank balance definitely doesn't stretch that far.)

Which is your favourite of the three? Let me know if you've already found your perfect party dress.


  1. The black dress is so lovely! I love it's simplicity but, like you said, you can really accessorize this without it looking too much! x

  2. I love all of them, but especially the black one because it's so classic <3

    Jennie xo |


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