Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - The Review

I think we all know of my love for hair oils by now, mainly Morroccanoil which is my number one, however as good as it is, it has the price tag to show it so when my last bottle ran out, I needed something a little more inexpensive and that's where the Loreal extraordinary oil came into things. There are three versions of this, an oil for all hair types, a dry oil mist for fine hair and the version that I have which is an oil for coloured hair so it's probably best to go for the one that suits your hair the best as I have a feeling that they are pretty similar.

I like to use this when my hair is roughly towel dried (still a little bit wet) and before blow drying for the best results, it does also work when I leave my hair to dry naturally but I don't do that very often as my natural hair has a mind of it's own and can get a little crazy no matter what I put on it. I find that three pumps of this is enough for my hair as it isn't that long but it is quite thick, I tend to put this all over my hair, concentrating mainly on the ends and working up to the roots but if you have hair that can get oily very quickly then you should probably stick to the ends as is the usual with all conditioners and treatment products, I just have very dry hair. 

It is quite a thin oil which is clear in colour, it doesn't quite feel as luxurious as Morroccanoil but it doesn't leave your hands anywhere near as oily which is a positive note. I do find that at first it has quite a masculine smell which i'm not a fan of but luckily it doesn't linger and my hair ends up smelling of lovely shampoo rather than a man. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth, I do have a bit of frizz for a while after blow drying but I tend to wash my hair at night and by morning all the frizziness is gone and I'm left with smooth shiny hair that's easy to manage which is no mean feat for saying that A.) my hair has been bleached a heck of a lot and B.) I'm constantly taking my hair up and down all day which means my hair is quite weak in certain places.

This product retails for £9.99 but is currently on offer in boots for £6.66 so it's worth popping in (especially with their 3 for 2 offer on all makeup, may as well take a look whilst your there) and if your looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive hair oils that are out there then this one is definitely worth giving a try as it does make your hair soft and shiny without breaking the bank and it lasts a very long time as you use so little and really what more can you want?

Have you tried any of the Loreal Oil's? What are your thoughts so far?


  1. Sounds like something i might need to try!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. I have this and i think this hair oil is a little bit watery for my liking. I prefer more thicker oils because my hair is quite damaged and dry at the moment. I use the Vo5 miracle concentrate right now~ but i would love to try out Morrocon oil soon because i have heard ace things about it!

    Thanks for the review~ have a lovely day <3

    *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  3. That's such a good price for a hair oil.. I too LOVE Moroccan Oil.It's helped my hair grow so much since I started using it.. Amazing stuff! I'm now following you on bloglovin, love your blog + look forward to future posts :D xx

  4. We have to try it! Thank you for your recommendation


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