Monday, 4 November 2013

Essie Autumn Collection - The Lace is on

I was supposed to be on a nail polish buying ban however I'm a sucker for a pretty metallic so as soon as I spotted this on the Essie stand I snapped it up. It's a metallic pink/purple which changes shade depending on the lighting, In daylight as you can see above it has a very pink tone however when it's darker or I'm in artificial lighting it has a distinct purple tone, It was very difficult to get a picture that does it any justice, the last photo is taken with flash and is the closest to the effect you get in the sunlight. The only likeness I can think of is a Quality street wrapper, somewhere in between the big purple one and the pink shiny one. (I'm hoping that my British readers at least get where I'm coming from, everyone else I do apologise but you might have to google that one.) Whatever the actual colour is, it's safe to say that I don't have another colour like it in my collecion, this little one is unique.

It's what I like to call a 'one coat wonder' as in it's opaque on the first coat and if you were in a rush for a night out you could get away with one quick coat of this especially as it dries very quickly. I prefer to do two coats however I do find that it loses it's glossiness quite quickly but this tends to happen with metallic polishes so a good topcoat is a must. My only issue with this polish is that without a top coat it does chip very quickly so if you are a normal person who likes to just paint and go this might not be the polish for you however if you are a bit obsessive with your nails and like to faff about with topcaots/base coats/strengtheners etc. the way that I do then this will most likely work for you.

If your looking for a darker shade that's a little bit different to take you into Autumn but aren't quite ready to let go of summer or for the sombre dark Burgundy's and Navy's that come with this season then this could be the polish for you.

This polish retails for £8.99 and can be purchased from Boots and other retailers.

Have you found any new perfect autumn/winter nail polishes so far this year ?


  1. Oh that is gorgeous! My new favourite A/W polish is OPI's "In The Cable Car Pool Lane" but it chips too easily :( x

  2. This is gorgeous, will have to get my hands on this and after school boy blazer!

    B xx

  3. I absolutely love this shade, so so pretty!
    Becka x

  4. Uffffffffff I love a good one coat wonder!! They're so rare they're like a precious stone.
    This one would be an amethyst...a big purple and most likely edible one made of chocolate mmmm ;)

    Holly Mixtures

  5. This is so pretty (and I got the Quality Street reference haha) xxx

  6. We love Essie colours! Nice choice!


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