Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Treats : Rocky Road Crunch

For those of you who are on diets or health kicks look away now because this is possibly the least healthy thing I've ever made. Anyone who is as obsessed with chocolate as I am keep reading because this is just one big chocolatey calorific mess.

(Got a little carried away with the effects, Only wanted a nice frame but the sparkles were calling to me.)

Now me and my mother are slightly obsessed with the recipes of the amazing Nigella Lawson, mainly because she doesn't do diet food, uses things out of the packet and adds a 'splash' aka half a bottle of alcohol to practically everything (This recipe doesn't have alcohol unfortunately, just lots of chocolate and marshmallows, can't have everything guys.) Now one day we were watching her show Nigella Express, minding our own business and then she started making this chocolatey loveliness. Cue me buying my mama the recipe book for Christmas and us spending many an evening in the kitchen perfecting this recipe, which to be honest wasn't difficult as it takes about ten minutes to make but it did give us the excuse of eating it all of the time. I made Jon some of this for Christmas and I think it was his favorite present (always good to know that I don't need to splash out on Gucci Cologne again next year, just cook him something chocolatey and put it in a shiny box) and as he was a bit stressed out at work this week I decided to make him a little bit more to cheer him up...and of course he will share with me as he is a kind lovely human being (basically i'm hoping he decided to read this because then there might be some left for me next time I go over there but I'm not optimistic.)

300g Dark chocolate (Nigella's version)
150g Milk chocolate
150g Plain chocolate (Our version)
200g Rich Tea Biscuits
125g Butter
3 Tablespoons Golden syrup

You will also need:
A large Saucepan
A wooden Spoon
A Rolling Pin
Freezer bags
Baking Tray
Greaseproof paper or Baking Foil

This is just the basic recipe but i've also tried adding raisins  cherries, rice crispies, white chocolate chips and sprinkles and every single one of them tasted amazing so you can pretty much add whatever you like.

1. Firstly you will need to prepare your biscuits. Pop them into a freezer bag (I split them into two halves as I only had small bags) and beat into submission with a rolling pin until you have a mixture of small/medium size pieces. Pop these to one side for later.
2. Break up the chocolate and add it to the pan together with the butter and golden Syrup.
3. Stir until it all melts to a smooth sauce. (You are supposed to use a wooden spoon to stir but Jon is a typical man and doesn't bake and also doesn't realise that he has a brilliant girlfriend who likes to make him things and therefore does not own a wooden spoon, so I got all dangerous and used a metal one, do not recommend.)
3. Bring back your biscuits from earlier and add to your sauce, Stir in until the biscuit pieces are covered in chocolate. I usually remove from the heat at this point as it makes it easier to stir as bits of biscuit can fall out of the pan if your not careful.
4. Add your marshmallows and keep stirring until the marshmallows are partially melted.
6. Remove your mixture from the heat and leave to stand for a few minutes.
5. Line your baking tray with your foil or greaseproof paper.
7. Scoop your mixture on to the baking tray and spread out to fill the whole tray. The thinner you spread it the less time it'll take to set and the quicker you will be able to eat it.
8. Leave to cool and then pop into the fridge for a few hours.
9. Cut into pieces and enjoy.

How many pieces this makes depends on how you cut it,  This one made twelve I've managed to get sixteen for a bake sale before but then I've also cut it into just four pieces when we were being particularly greedy.

Let me know if you try this, have you tried any of Nigella's recipes?

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  1. They look so good! Definitely will have try this!xo

    1. It tastes amazing, I have to move fast to get any when I make it as everyone loves it :) x

  2. I think I gained a stone just looking at it, but man does it look yummy xx

    mac lipstick giveaway currently running! x.

    1. Aha I have to restrain myself every time I make it or i'd eat the whole thing myself :) x

  3. Replies
    1. I know the feeling, I'd live off this if I could x

  4. oo I want to eat this, looks yummy!
    UK High Street Fashion

  5. I make this quite often and omg it's like the best thing ever!!
    Even more fatty-ness haha, and I don't even care :p


  6. oh gosh, this looks amazing!
    I must make this when lent is over. x


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