Wednesday, 13 March 2013

March Wishlist

As much as I love big statement jewelry pieces I'm also always drawn to delicate gold jewelry like this little lovely. To be honest I don't really get how this is a best friend bracelet as It just says best friends on the backing card it comes from so if you took it off there you'd never know. It's still a lovely piece of jewelry and it would be great as a present for a friend or just for yourself which is my intention.
I have an obsession with scarves/snoods, I can't justify it any more than that really as this isn't even a very exciting scarf/snood. Basically I just love scarves/snoods and that is why this is here. I also really like saying and typing the word snood. That is all.
Another Item that I can't really justify why it's here other than I also like plain t shirts, this one has a bit of an exciting hem at least so it's slightly different and unusual except it isn't different and unusual at all but I could wear it with many, many different items...I'll stop trying to pretend it's an exciting plain black t shirt now, I just like it.
I've been having a bit of a love affair with bold lips for a while now and whilst I love my russian red, It's not really a very summery colour. Enter Vegas Volt, A bright coral colour (which seems to be quite orange on the swatches I've seen) that is a perfect summer shade. I don't have any orange lipsticks so this would be something new for me and would be easier to wear than Morange which is the other shade I have my eye on.
I love wearing bandeaus under vests and tshirts with low armholes or backs and I think this would be a nice little nod to the neon trend without the risk of being mistaken for being in fancy dress as a highlighter pen, unless of course that's what your going for. I will work my way up to one of the neon jumper's I've had my little eye on but for now I'd be happy with this little lovely.
Topshop Reim2 Skinny Strappy Sandals - £50.00
I love delicate strappy sandals, I find they're so easy to wear as they always look good but they're never too much. Sadly these have now sold out but I'm sure as it gets to summer there will be lots of different versions out there for me to purchase.
I'm not a big fan of Topshop knitwear as I've never bought anything from their range that I haven't regretted just a little as I think it's a bit overpriced for the quality that it is. Saying that I think this is a lovely colour for spring and I think the zip detailing on the back is a cute way of making this a little bit different. I think I may just buy it anyway and deal with the guilt as I don't really have any jumpers suitable for spring and I really do like the colour.
I did actually think about picking up a few things from this collection however I will admit that as much as I love Rihanna, love River Island and  love basics with a twist, which was basically the idea for this collection it seems, It was extremely overpriced. There isn't really anything there that you can't get from somewhere else for cheaper or even make yourself if you so wished, so it doesn't really seem worth it. I still love most of the items but I think I'm going to give it a few weeks and see if I still want them and If they haven't sold out get them then.
I love blouses as I just think they are such easy items to wear whilst still making it look like I made an effort in the morning which I don't really enjoy doing. I know, I know bad blogger but for me 9am is a massive lie in so most mornings I'm a bit of a zombie. Which is why I'm thankful for coffee and blouses like this for making my morning routine so much easier. Also it has a bow, You can't go wrong with something that has a bow.
You would think with the amount of time I spend in leotards that I wouldn't want to wear them in my spare time, this is strangely enough not the case and I actually own far too many bodies/leotards that I can't wear to dance in. I love the straps that this has and how the lace panels on the sides are a sexy enough but without taking it too far. I think this would look great with either a midi skirt or high waisted jeans to balance out how revealing it is.
Speaking of High Waisted Jeans, I'm thinking I might have to treat myself to this pair. This time last year I had at least six pairs of jeans and I think I wore them nearly every day, Now I thinkI have one pair and I can't remember the last time I wore a pair. I'm going for high waisted this time as I'm sick of low rise jeans that you can't sit down in without being paranoid that your revealing all to the world ans spend the whole time checking to make sure your top is pulled down
Ballet Flats are my favourite everyday shoes, I wear them a lot when I'm really busy as you don't have to think about whether they go with an outfit or whether they're going to be comfy, you can just pop them on and go. This topshop version is my favourite, I've lost count of how many pairs I've owned in various colours over the years. They're so comfortable and last me a good six months, which with how often I wear them and how much walking I tend to do, is actually a pretty long time.

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What's on your wishlist this month?


  1. I love those Topshop flats, the colour is so gorgeous! The River Island blouse is lovely, too. xo

    1. I knoe they're so cute, I think I might have to get them and use the excuse that I don't have any peach shoes :) x

  2. LOVE the bralet and ballerina pumps!x

  3. Honestly, the first thing that caught my eye was the MAC Lipstick! Then I figured it was because Vegas Volt is one of my absolute favourites! :)

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog, something that might interest you! :) Do check it out!

    1. Aha Im always drawn to pretty makeup, Thanks lovely I'll take a look :) x

  4. These picks are gorgeous!

  5. hi i like your blog...would you like follow each other...let me know..

    1. Thanks lovely, I'll take a look at youdr blog soon :) x

  6. Very nice collection. I like the MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt .The color seems quite nice.
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    Thank you.

  7. Beautiful pieces dear! :)) I love the bandeau; its incredible! <3


  8. I loveee the Rihanna for River Island collection and that skirt is just amazing :D
    I hate how expensive they are though, but hopefully there will be cheaper alternatives around soon...

    All amazing picks!!

  9. I love the dolly blouse, so pretty! x

  10. youve picked some really pretty stuff


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