Friday, 18 January 2013

Yankee Candle - Cherries on snow

As we've had snow this week, and I am one of those people who tends to fall over constantly when it snows, I've decided I'm staying inside except for when I absolutely have to go out. To help me get through being inside in the warm I decided to break out this little lovely that I got for christmas.

I love Yankee Candles and I've tried a few over the years, I normally only receive them for christmas and birthday's as they are a little pricey for candles but they smell amazing and this one was no exception. It has a a bit of a synthetic cherry scent which I quite like but if you like your scents a bit more natural then this might not be for you.Cherries aren't something I usually associate with christmas so that's why I've saved this one until now but I love the bright pinky red colour of it and it's definitely bringing back some of my christmas cheer.
Small Jar scented candles are £8.39.
Yankee candles can be bought from their website and stockists nationwide.

I'm looking to try some new yankee candle scents so let me know if there's any that you love.

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