Friday, 18 January 2013

Paul Mitchell Strength Collection and Platinum Blonde Shampoo

First of all I'm so glad I'm writing about these products not talking about them because I say 'Phil Mitchell' every time and haircare by the bald one from Eastenders would be a bit silly.

On a serious note, I love these products, I really do. I've been using the platinum blonde shampoo since september and the strength products since I received them in a set for christmas and I have nothing but good things to say about any of these products. I bought them from my hairdressers but I'm sure you could probably buy them from the internet if you had a good look around just be wary of cheap sellers as you can't always guarantee the quality or authenticity of their products.

Over the past few years there's been a big surge in people using purple toned shampoos (previously only used by old ladies) to keep their blonde hair in check. This is a really good version, obviously there are cheaper ones out there but I'm enjoying using this for now. It helps to keep brassiness at bay, especially when it's getting near to getting my hair re done and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry at all which was an issue that I had when using the touch of silver shampoo. It is a very bright purple which was slightly scary at first but it does it's job well and isn't that expensive for saying I've had this for four months and still have half a bottle left, you don't need to use a lot unless your trying to make your hair silver quickly or something but luckily I don't have any silver haired aspirations at the moment. I would also recommend you check your bath or shower after using this as I once dropped a little on my bath mat and didn't realise until the next day and now there's a teeny tiny purple stain there but to be honest that's the only issue I have.

Strength Collection
These products are specifically for damaged and chemically treated hair but Paul Mitchell do a huge range of products to suit all hair types. See the full range here. They are also Cruelty free so perfect for the animal lovers out there.

I was a little bit sceptical about this product as I didn't think it would do anything to my hair however I've really been enjoying using this shampoo and I have noticed a difference in the condition of my hair since I started using this. To be honest I think the main difference might be due to the conditioning treatments I've been using but I feel like this shampoo gives them a good base to work with. My hair feels extremely clean after I use this and since using this and the strength conditioner combined I've noticed a big change in how many split ends I have and how much of my hair is snapping off (side effect of bleaching.) Since I started using this my hair genuinely has felt stronger and doesn't feel as fragile as it has done recently. I would recommend this shampoo if you have coloured hair that feels quite delicate and needs some tlc. Although it says it's a daily shampoo I only wash my hair every few days and it's still very effective.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner - £15.25

Unlike the shampoo I was looking forward to trying this product as for some reason I have it my head that shampoos just clean your hair and it's the conditioner that does all the hard work and damage repair. I do now realise that shampoo is just as important and if you use the wrong one you can stop the conditioner from working it's magic. I really like this conditioner, I only need a small 50p size amount to make my hair feel soft and smooth whilst washing out completely so It doesn't feel as though there's any residue left on my hair. I don't really enjoy it too much if I was my hair in the morning and it's greasy by lunchtime which can happen with a lot of conditioners (pantene I'm looking at you.) I normally use a treatment after this to give my hair a little bit more moisture as my hair needs all the hydration it can get but there have been times when I've used this as my only conditioner and I felt like it was enough on it's own.

I also got the Super strong liquid Treatment spray in this set however I haven't used this enough to be able to review it just yet as I tend to reach for my morracanoil nine times out of ten and forget that I do actually own other products but I will probably review this when I've had more time to use it and form an opinion.

Even though they are quite expensive I honestly do think the Paul Mitchell products are great value for money as you save quite a bit buying them, the bottles last a long time and they give great results everytime.

Have you guys tried any Paul Mitchell products? What did you think of them


  1. My hair is definitely in need of some TLC so I'll have to try these out.

  2. YES! I love these products - I used to use them on my hair all the time. Made my blonde look and feel gorgeous xx

  3. These look so good!! Just followed you. :) And on SheSaidBeauty too :)


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